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What is SSL?


SSL stands for Secure Socket Layers (SSL) is a cryptographic networking protocol used for securing an end to end connection between a web client and a web server.

This process turns a website from the standard http to https the ‘s’ standing for secure. Installed correctly will result in web browsers displaying a padlock icon in the top left of a user web client when https is active, further indicating to the user that there connection is secure.

Security Across Every Major Browser


SSL security is recognised by all major browsers. Celebrate your SSL encryption across all with a padlock icon in the top left of every visitors web browser. A padlock of trust, now recognised internationally as a sign of a website security.

Without your visitors are warned that your site is untrustworthy and more importantly unsafe. A no go for building a brand people can trust. 

Why should you invest in SSL?

SSL security lets your website visitors know you care about keeping their data safe. It’s a cost effective investment to build your website visitors trust whilst ensuring no third party can intercept or steal their or your valubale data.  

Rankings | Google Cares

Google has identified ssl as one of their many ranking factors that google uses to determine how much trust to put in your website and and subsequently how high they place a website writing their search rankings for keywords.

Security | 2048 bit protection 

Security so strong it would take a normal computer 6.4 quadrillions years to crack it.

Trust | Increase Brand Image

SSL padlock symbol has become a iconic symbol of security across the web helping build a brand visitors feel they can trust. 

Effective | Secure End To End Communications 

SSL allows for communications between your website and your website visitors securely. Preventing man in the middle attacks and protecting both your visitors and your website valuable data.


Why pick Growth Online™

Unlike large hosting providers we’re lean maximising software solutions to bring you the same high level encryption with incredible aftercare at a fraction of the cost. 

1. UK Based | 

We’re uk based for uk businesses. Which means we’re on your time zone and speak your language. Conforming to all Uk legislations as-well as industry best practices surrounding SSL installation.

2. SME Focused | 

We pride ourselves in empowering entrepreneurs and small business owner alike by delivering world class SSL protection in a simple and cost-effective way with zero hassle for the consumer.

3. World Class Support | 

Are team are addicted to doing a good job and providing a service that they can be proud of. English as their first langue there will be no communication barriers when you need help.

4. World Class Pricing | 

We’re ruthlessly efficient and pride ourselves in passing on the savings directly to our our consumers like you. Meaning our prices are some of the best in the industry and beat many of the major SSL players.

5. World Class Security | 

The same 2048 bit encryption SSL security offered by the most expensive and established SSL providers across the globe at a fraction of the costs they charge with installtion.

Our Competitors Pricing  


Unlike large hosting providers we’re lean. We don’t employ expensive sales people, or spend large sums on inefficient marketing. Instead we spend revenue in maximising software solutions and investing in the right people to bring you the same high level encryption with incredible aftercare as our competitors at a fraction of the cost with free installation making SSL certificates accessible and affordable for those who aren’t tech savvy.


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Per Year Total Savings

1 Year

£43.99 £47.99 £34.99 £34.99 £9.00
5 Years £263.95 £275.95 £139.96 £27.99 £123.99
10 Years £538.90 £575.90 £244.93 £24.49



Save hundreds by picking Growth Online™ as your SSL provider. With our secure 2048 bit SSL protection package costing as little as £24.49 per month.

Our Pricing




£34.99 paid yearly

Automatic Renewal

Free Installation

2048 Bit protection 

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Save hundreds by picking Growth Online™ as your SSL provider. With our secure 2048 bit SSL protection package costing as little as £24.49 per month.

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Simply follow the ‘Sign Up Now’ Link above and follow the PayPal instructions which will follow.  link and you’ll be directed

To speed things up please make sure all the information you input is correct and up to date to speed up the process.

If you can’t find these or don’t know them reach out to our support team here and we’ll be happy to help you track them down.

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Benefits of SSL?

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Why do people use you?

We install and maintain your ssl offering the same high security bit protection as the leading pros but we do all this at a fraction of the cost. See here.

I’m not good with computers, can you help?

Yes of ours ewe take care of all the back end ‘techy’ stuff leaving you one less thing to jungle and worry about allowing you to carrying on doing what you do best, running your business.

How long does it take?

Installation can take as little as a few hours but typically between 24/48 hours. Our average is just 9 hours from the point of receiving all necessary logins from the client however please allow 72 hours or 3 working days.

Once set up can anything go wrong?

Yes. We’ve written a whole article here on keeping your ssl valid. Some of the key points though are:

– large changes
– Code change
– Appearance changes

What level of protection is ssl security?

SSL Security Certificate  is 2048 bit protection. 

What does this mean? It means it would take a standard desktop computer 6.4 quadrillion years to break a 2048-bit SSL certificate. So yeah, pretty secure.